Gaudí Experience

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Dive into the heart of Catalan Modernism with the Gaudí Experience, a unique interactive journey celebrating the genius of Antoni Gaudí. Located in Barcelona, it invites visitors to explore the architect's iconic works and the visions that never came to life, all in an immersive setting.

Duration of the visit

1.5 horas

From: 9,00 

Type of tour



English, Spanish, French, Catalan


  • Explore 27 Architectural Works: Discover Gaudí's iconic buildings and hidden gems.
  • Unrealized Projects: Peek into Gaudí's ambitious visions that never materialized.
  • Decor and Design: Admire Gaudí's holistic approach to interior design.
  • Biography: Dive deep into the life of Antoni Gaudí, from his early years to his final days.
  • Chronological Journey: Follow Gaudí's evolution year by year.


  • Entry to all exhibition spaces
  • Interactive displays available in nine languages
  • Exclusive looks at models and plans for projects that never came to fruition
  • An in-depth biography and chronological exploration of Gaudí's life
  • 4D inmersive film

Meeting Point

In Depth

Discovering the Gaudí Experience: A Journey Through Creativity and Innovation

Welcome to the Gaudí Experience

The Gaudí Experience stands as a singular homage to Antoni Gaudí's life and legacy, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the architect's innovative universe from his early days in Reus to his final moments in Barcelona.

Architectural Wonders Unfold

Masterpieces That Speak

Explore the vast array of Gaudí's 27 architectural creations, from the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia to hidden architectural treasures. Engage with interactive exhibits that breathe life into these designs, showcasing the brilliance behind their inception.

The Dreams That Never Were

Venture into Gaudí's imagination with the 12 projects that remained on the drawing board, including the ambitious Hotel Attraction for New York. This segment offers a rare peek into what might have been, highlighting Gaudí's boundless creative vision.

A Design Philosophy Revealed

The Art of Detail

Witness Gaudí's all-encompassing design ethos through 23 instances of his decorative art and furniture design, demonstrating his meticulous attention to detail and his quest for harmony within his spaces.

Gaudí: The Man, The Myth

A Life of Boundless Creativity

Trace the arc of Gaudí's life, from his modest beginnings to his emergence as a figure of world-renowned stature. This narrative delves into his pivotal relationship with Eusebi Güell, his transformative architectural philosophy, and his devoted final years to the Sagrada Familia.

Chronicle of a Visionary

A detailed timeline of Gaudí's life offers insight into his formative experiences and personal adversities, illustrating how they moulded his revolutionary approach to architecture and design.


The Gaudí Experience is fully accessible, welcoming visitors of all mobility levels to explore and be inspired.

Essentials to Bring

  • Comfortable footwear for an enjoyable exploration
  • A camera to capture the beauty and details of Gaudí’s work

Items to Leave Behind

  • Bulky bags or luggage
  • Pets, except for assistance animals

Useful Tips

  • Secure your tickets in advance, either online or at the entrance.
  • Feel free to take photos, but please refrain from using flash.
English, Spanish, French, Catalan

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