The Seu d’Ègara: A Hidden Treasure

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La Seu d'Egara: Terrassa's Historical Treasure. Roman Ruins and Medieval Cathedral. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Duration of the visit

1.5 hours

From: 6,00 

Type of tour



Spanish, English, French, German.


  • Explore La Seu d'Egara, an archaeological ensemble in Terrassa, Barcelona.
  • Guided tour by archaeology and history experts.
  • Admire Roman ruins with stunning mosaics and apse.
  • Explore the 11th-century Romanesque cathedral and its iconic bell tower.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.
  • Book your tour for an enriching experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the religious and cultural history of Catalonia.


  • Guided tour led by archaeology and history experts.
  • In-depth exploration of the Roman ruins of the Visigothic basilica.
  • Admiration of well-preserved mosaics and its impressive apse.
  • Visit to the 11th-century Romanesque cathedral and its iconic bell tower.
  • Understanding the evolution of architecture and religious traditions.
  • Immerse in centuries of culture and beliefs in the Catalan region.
  • Insight into the UNESCO World Heritage Site declaration.
  • A unique opportunity to travel through time and explore history.
  • Interaction with experts to answer questions and share anecdotes.

Meeting Point

In Depth

Welcome to La Seu d'Egara, an astounding archaeological site that will transport you through the centuries in the city of Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.This unique experience will immerse you in the rich and fascinating history of this Catalan region, showcasing the traces left by various cultures and civilizations over the years.

Guided Tour

Your adventure begins with a guided tour by archaeology and history experts. They will accompany you on a journey through the Roman ruins and the medieval cathedral, sharing interesting facts, anecdotes, and surprising discoveries.

Roman Ruins

Admire the impressive ruins of the Visigothic basilica, with its magnificent apse and beautifully preserved mosaics depicting biblical scenes and geometric patterns. Experts will explain the significance of these mosaics and how they reflect the life and beliefs of the time.

Romanesque Cathedral

Continue your journey back in time by exploring the remains of the 11th-century Romanesque cathedral. Marvel at its magnificent bell tower, an iconic symbol of Terrassa that rises majestically in the landscape. Learn about Romanesque architecture and the stories behind every detail of this impressive structure.

World Heritage Site

Discover why La Seu d'Egara is internationally recognized. In 1993, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its immense historical and cultural value. Guides will share with you the details that led to this distinction and how the site contributes to the understanding of world history.

Reserve Your Journey Through Time

This enriching experience is open to all lovers of archaeology, history, and culture. Reserve your tour now and secure your place on this journey through time. Experience the thrill of exploring the layers of history interwoven in La Seu d'Egara and understand how religion, architecture, and society have evolved over the centuries in this region of Catalonia.


La Seu d'Egara is a historical treasure worth exploring and admiring. Its ability to transport us through time and show us the complexities of human history is truly unique. Reserve your experience now and get ready for a memorable journey in the heart of Terrassa.


What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing and walking shoes.
  • Sunscreen and a hat on sunny days.
  • Camera to capture memorable moments.
  • Water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized.

What Not to Bring:

  • Unnecessary valuables.
  • Food that may attract insects or animals.

Relevant Information:

  • Please follow the guides’ instructions at all times to ensure a safe and respectful experience in the surroundings.
  • Touching or damaging historical structures and artifacts is not allowed.
  • It is recommended to arrive at the meeting point with sufficient time.
  • Tours are subject to availability and may vary depending on weather conditions.
Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

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