Barcelona Wax Museum: A Unique Experience for the Whole Family


  • Unique Figures: Over 150 figures and 28 scenes await you. 🤩
  • Unforgettable Selfies: “Selfie-friendly” spaces designed to share your memories. 📸
  • Hall of Fame: Interact with athletes and immerse yourself in worlds like Star Wars and La Casa de Papel. 🏆🎬
  • Immersive Experience: Audiovisual, lighting, and digital technology for a unique adventure. 🌟
  • History and Art: Explore the eclectic 19th-century architecture and the rich history of the building. 🏰🎨
  • Passage of Time: Dive into the art of origami and El Bosc de les Fades, a magical forest. 🌳✨
  • Duration: An immersive 2-hour journey. ⏰
  • Accessibility: Even for people with reduced mobility. ♿


A Walk Through History and Art

Explore the various aspects of the Wax Museum while marveling at the eclectic architecture of the building. From its nineteenth-century stairs to the neogothic Saló del Tinell, every corner is a masterpiece. Learn about its connection to the Raval Cultural project and its offering of over three hundred cultural experiences.

El Bosc de les Fades and the Passage of Time

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Passage of Time, dedicated to the art of origami, and discover El Bosc de les Fades, a space filled with magical creatures in an enchanted forest. An experience that goes beyond wax figures.

History of the Building

Travel back in time to the 19th century when the building was constructed by the Compañía General de Crédito “El Comercio.” Learn about the transformations it underwent, from the addition of a floor by Pablo Sadó Pérez to its conversion into a wax museum in 1973, thanks to the vision of Enrique Alarcón.

The New Barcelona Wax Museum

Discover the complete renovation of the museum in 2020, unveiling an immersive space with cutting-edge technology. A fusion of the classical and the modern to offer a unique experience.


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