Discovering the Moja Tower

Discovering the Moja Tower

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Explore the Torre de Moja, a historical relic dating back to the year 981. Immerse yourself in its past as a defense of the Olèrdola castle and discover its evolution over the centuries.

Visit Length

1.5 hours



Type of tour



Catalan and Spanish


  • The Torre de Moja is a historical relic dating back to the year 981 and has played a crucial defensive role in the Olèrdola region throughout the centuries.
  • The guided tour lasts for 1.5 hours and is available in Catalan and Spanish. Prices start from €0.10.
  • During the experience, both the interior and exterior compartments of the tower are explored, with details about its evolution over the years and its importance in military and protective strategies.
  • The architecture of the Torre de Moja is an outstanding example of its time, with a circular plan, stones arranged in horizontal rows, and defensive features like masonry battlements at the top.
  • Throughout its history, the tower has had different owners, including the Sant Cugat del Vallès monastery and the Copons family, who made it Marquises of Moja in the 18th century. Pre-booking is recommended due to limited space, and potential accessibility limitations due to its ancient architecture should be taken into account. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, bring water, sunscreen, and a camera to capture memories.


  • An expert guide in the history and architecture of the Torre de Moja.
  • Guided tour of the tower's interior and exterior compartments.
  • Insights into its defensive role and transformation over the years.
  • Stories about its various owners, from the Sant Cugat del Vallès monastery to the Copons family.
  • Opportunities to take photographs and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Meeting Point

In Depth

A Glimpse into History

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the Torre de Moja, a historic gem nestled in the heart of Olèrdola. With a history dating back to the year 981, this tower has witnessed countless events over the centuries and stands tall as a tangible reminder of the region's history and architecture.From its early days as a defensive outpost for the Olèrdola castle, the Torre de Moja played a pivotal role in the military and protective strategies of the region. As medieval battles and feudal conflicts came and went, the tower stood as a silent guardian of the land that surrounded it.

Exploring Centennial Architecture

The Torre de Moja is not only a testament to history but also a fascinating example of the architecture of its time. With a circular plan and irregularly shaped carreus (stones) arranged in horizontal rows, the tower exudes rustic and authentic charm. When viewed from the outside, its sturdy structure and maó merlons (masonry battlements) at the top bear witness to its defensive character.Inside, the tower reveals its ingenious design. Divided into two compartments, the lower one spans about 7.5 meters and likely housed a dome. The upper compartment, crowned by a second dome, provided a strategic panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Exploring History

Throughout the centuries, the Torre de Moja changed hands and saw several notable owners come and go. From the Sant Cugat del Vallès monastery to the Copons family, each new owner left their mark on the tower. In the 18th century, the Copons family was granted the title of Marquises of Moja, further cementing the importance and relevance of this historic structure.

Additional Information

For those eager to uncover the secrets of the Torre de Moja, we offer guided tours. However, due to limited space, prior registration is required. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance to not miss this unique opportunity to explore the history and architecture of the tower.When planning your visit, please note that due to its ancient architecture, the tower may have accessibility limitations for individuals with reduced mobility. It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring water, sunscreen, and a camera to capture memorable moments.


Unfortunately, due to its ancient architecture and steep steps, the tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

  • Qué llevar: Calzado cómodo para caminar, agua, protector solar y cámara.
  • Qué no llevar: Alimentos y bebidas (excepto agua) no están permitidos dentro de la torre.
  • Importante: Las visitas guiadas requieren inscripción previa debido a las plazas limitadas. Por favor, asegúrate de reservar tu lugar con anticipación.
  • Accesibilidad: La torre cuenta con escalones empinados y espacios estrechos, lo que puede dificultar la accesibilidad para personas con movilidad reducida.
  • Conservación: La torre se encuentra en buen estado de conservación, pero ciertas partes pueden haber sido restauradas a lo largo de los años.
  • Historia Rica: La Torre de Moja tiene un papel histórico relevante como defensa avanzada del castillo de Olèrdola y ha pasado por diversas manos a lo largo del tiempo, desde el monasterio de Sant Cugat del Vallès hasta los marqueses de Moja en el siglo XVIII.
  • Inscripción: Debido a la limitación de espacios, es esencial inscribirse previamente para participar en las visitas guiadas. No te pierdas esta oportunidad única de explorar la historia de la Torre de Moja.

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