Montserrat Tour-All Included

Montserrat Tour-All Included

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Explore Catalonia's most iconic mountain and its rich spiritual and cultural history on this half-day tour from Barcelona.

Visit Length

6 hours



Type of tour



Spanish, English, Catalan


  • 🌄 Discover Montserrat, Catalonia's emblematic mountain.
  • 🏞️ Visit the sanctuary and abbey that guard the Moreneta.
  • 🏰 Travel a scenic path on the rack railway from Barcelona.
  • 🚞 Explore the Basilica and admire Catalonia's patron, the Moreneta.
  • 🌟 Enjoy the performance of the Montserrat Choir School's choir.
  • 🎶 Immerse yourself in Montserrat's culture and nature.
  • 🌿 Return to Barcelona after a day full of discoveries.


  • Billete de ida y vuelta en el tren cremallera hacia Montserrat.
  • Visita guiada a Montserrat.
  • Acceso a la Basílica.
  • Acceso garantizado para visitar la Moreneta.
  • Actuación coral de la Escolanía de Montserrat o entrada al Museo de Montserrat (según programación).

Meeting Point

In Depth

Experience the magic of Montserrat with our exclusive tour that will take you from Barcelona to the summit of Catalonia's most iconic mountain. Discover the spiritual, cultural, and natural richness of this unique destination as you explore the sanctuary and abbey that protect the revered Moreneta, a symbol of great importance in the region.

1. Meeting at Estació del Nord

Begin your day at the historic Estació del Nord in Barcelona, where we will gather before boarding one of the two functioning rack railways in Catalonia. This picturesque journey will take you along a scenic path to the heights of Montserrat, offering you spectacular views along the way.

2. Scenic Journey to Montserrat

On board the rack railway, enjoy a scenic journey that will take you to the heights of Montserrat. The majesty of the mountain will unfold before you, preparing you for the experience that awaits.

3. Guided Exploration with Montserrat Experts

Once in Montserrat, an expert guide will accompany you in the exploration of the Basilica. You will have guaranteed access to see the Moreneta, the Virgin of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia. If your visit coincides with the performance of the Montserrat Boys' Choir, you'll enjoy a unique musical experience. Otherwise, admission to the Museum of Montserrat, home to masterpieces, will be included.

4. Montserrat: Nature and Culture in Harmony

Discover that Montserrat is not just a place of religious importance but also a natural and cultural destination. The mountain is steeped in legends and houses a museum with remarkable works. The Montserrat Monastery presents the image of the Moreneta, and its boys' choir is one of the oldest in Europe.

5. Return to Barcelona with Unforgettable Memories

After a day filled with exploration, we'll return to Barcelona, concluding a journey that will immerse you in the spirituality, culture, and natural beauty of Montserrat.

What Will You Do?

Step 1: Meeting at Estació del Nord
  • Meeting Point: Estació del Nord, Carrer d’Alí Bei, 80, 08013 Barcelona, Platform no. 17/18.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before departure.
Step 2: Scenic Journey to Montserrat
  • Onboard the rack railway, enjoy unique panoramic views as you approach Montserrat.
Step 3: Guided Exploration in Montserrat
  • Visit the Basilica and secure your access to the Moreneta.
  • Enjoy the performance of the Montserrat Boys' Choir or explore the Museum of Montserrat.
Step 4: Montserrat, Nature, and Culture
  • Discover the natural richness of Montserrat and explore the monastery, home to the Moreneta and its historic boys' choir.
Step 5: Return to Barcelona
  • At the end of the day, return to Barcelona with unforgettable memories of Montserrat.
Get ready for a unique experience that combines history, spirituality, and the breathtaking beauty of Montserrat!


This tour may pose accessibility challenges for individuals with reduced mobility due to Montserrat’s topography and the characteristics of the rack railway. It is advisable to inquire in advance for detailed information on accessibility and possible accommodations.

Información Adicional:
Qué llevar: Ropa cómoda y adecuada para el clima, calzado cómodo para caminar, cámara, protector solar y agua.

Qué no llevar: Equipaje grande o pesado, ya que puede dificultar la movilidad en Montserrat.

Información relevante: Llega al punto de encuentro al menos veinte minutos antes de la salida. El clima en Montserrat puede ser variable, así que prepárate para diferentes condiciones climáticas. Se recomienda reservar con anticipación para garantizar disponibilidad.

Spanish, English, Catalan

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