Palacio Domecq: a journey into Jerez’s past and present

Palacio Domecq: a journey into Jerez’s past and present

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Palacio Domecq is an architectural gem from the 18th century that holds a fascinating history. In this guided tour, you will uncover the secrets of this iconic building and learn about the winemaking tradition of Jerez.

Visit Length

50 minutes



Type of tour



Spanish, English and French


  • Guided tour of the Domecq Palace
  • Audioguide in Spanish, English and French
  • Duration 50 min.


  • Guided tour of Palacio Domecq
  • Audioguide in Spanish, English, and French
  • Duration of 50 minutes
  • Access to the ground floor and upper floor
  • Entrance to the central courtyard

Meeting Point

In Depth

Immerse yourself in the unique essence of Palacio Domecq, a testament to Jerez's history that captivates with its baroque architecture and the rich tradition of the Domecq family.

Tour Description: An Immersion into the Elegance of the 18th Century

History of the Palace:

Discover how this palace, commissioned by Antonio Cabezas de Aranda in 1774, became a cultural symbol. From the Marquis of Montana to the Domecq family, each chapter tells a fascinating story.

Strategic Location:

Explore how Palacio Domecq, with its location between the convents of San Juan de Dios and Santo Domingo, has become a distinctive element of Jerez's old town.

Architectural Design:

Admire the symmetry of the building, with its square plan, ornate balconies, and central courtyard. The baroque layout emphasizes its grandeur, enhanced by the front garden.

Visit Details:

  • Groups and Timings: Visits are conducted in groups every 60 minutes, with assigned entry times. It is essential to arrive 10 minutes before your allotted time.
  • Entrance Content: The entrance includes a group tour of Palacio Domecq's rooms.
  • Multilingual Audio Guide: Enjoy the visit with an audio guide available in Spanish, English, and French.


  • For People with Reduced Mobility: The Palace is accessible, and two spots are reserved in each group.
  • Ticket Purchase: For wheelchairs, purchase the ticket 48 hours in advance.


What to Bring and What Not to Bring:

Permitted Items:

  • Only essential items are allowed.
  • Bags and belongings must go through security check.


  • Travel suitcases and items that could damage the artworks are not allowed.

Visiting Hours and Closing Days:

Operating Days:

  • Tuesdays to Saturdays, with morning and afternoon hours.
  • Sundays in the morning.


  • Closed on holidays and specific days, such as January 1st and December 25th.

Final Instructions:

Purchase Confirmation:

  • Print or download the QR code from the confirmation email to access Palacio Domecq.



Spanish, English and French

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