Exploring History Through the Lens: Photography Workshop in Gotic and Born

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Uncover Barcelona's Enchantment: Photographic Workshop in the Historic Quarters of El Gótico and El Born. Capture Centuries of Essence Through Your Camera and Craft Unique Memories!

Duration of the visit

2 hours

From: 32,00 

Type of tour

Taller, Guiado


English, spanish and catalan


  • 📸 Unique Workshop in Barcelona
  • 🏰 Explore El Gotic and El Born
  • 🎨 Capture history in every photo
  • 🤝 Group of up to 10 people
  • 🖼️ Print your favorite photo for free
  • 💬 Languages: Spanish, Catalan
  • 🚶 Accessible for individuals with reduced mobility
  • 🌐 Blend culture, art, and creativity


Expert Guide:

A guide deeply passionate about history and photography will be with the group, sharing unique insights into each place visited.

Printing Session:

Every participant will have the chance to print one photograph during the workshop. Additional photographs will be available for an extra fee.

Customized Postcard:

Each participant's favorite photo will be transformed into a personalized postcard, ready to be sent to friends or family with a stamp provided by us.

Meeting Point

In Depth

Journeying into the Soul of the City: A Bespoke Photographic and Cultural AdventureOur Starting Point: Carles Pi i Sunyer SquareCapturing the Heartbeat of Barcelona: A Visual Tale of Discovery
  1. The 'Besos' Mural by Joan Font CubertaWhere Every Kiss Paints a Unique Story
  2. The Gothic CathedralDiving into Architectural Grandeur
  3. Carrer del Pí (Pont del Bisbe)A Pictorial Bridge Between Past and Present
  4. Sant Felip Neri SquareStones Whispering Hidden Histories
  5. Plaça Sant Jaume and Plaça del ReiFrames of Political Legacy Preserved in Time
  6. El Born – C/ Princesa, C/ de l’Argenteria, Plza de la Basilica de Santa Maria del MarWandering Through Time-Tested Streets and Lively Plazas
  7. Painting "The Kiss" (Part 2) - Mercat del BornUnfolding a Vivid Canvas of the Ongoing Story
Reflection and Creation InterludeSharing Your Unique PerspectiveAfter Uncovering Barcelona's Most Photogenic Enclaves, we'll pause at a charming local spot for a well-earned respite and to immortalize our photographic gems. Each participant will unveil their own narrative, divulging what each image signifies to them.


This workshop is designed to be accessible for individuals with reduced mobility, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the experience.

What to Bring?

  • A mobile phone with a camera and ample storage capacity.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • An open and curious mind.

What Not to Bring?

  • A rushed attitude, as we’ll immerse ourselves in the experience with calm and attentiveness.

Relevant Information:

  • We recommend dressing appropriately according to the weather conditions.
English, spanish and catalan